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Here you can find via which ways you can reach out to us.

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Crash Replacement

In case you fell of your bike, we are there to help you back on your bike soon.

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General information

Here stands the information we couldn't place in another catogery.

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We answered all your questions about our stock down here, haven't we?

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Order details

Having problems with your order? See our FAQ about it down here.

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All information about our payment options, taxes and gift cards can be found here.

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Privacy & Security

All you need to know about your privacy and security at endore.

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This page consist the complete information to return your sending(s).

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Where are we shipping to, when will your package arrive and more...

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You'll find the sizechart of all our products and more information about sizing here.

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Warranty, guarantee or assurance. Whatever you call it, is stands down here.

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Wash & Care

Tips & tricks to extend the lifecyclus of your products.

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